Created in 1986, Warhol's Cowboys and Indians series reimagined the Old American West. Warhol confronted the romanticized ideals of the Wild West, which had become so ingrained in American cultural history.

The series featured such American heroes as John Wayne, Annie Oakley as well as faces from Native American history that might not be as well known as such figures as Wayne and Oakley. Amongst the American heroes depicted in the series was an image of a young Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, complete in his  Rough Rider uniform, which was taken in 1898.

What Warhol did in this series was ask society to question the origins of such heroes and how they made it into the fabric of American culture. For example, images used of John Wayne, born Marion Robert Morrison, best known for his roles in Wild West movies were lifted straight from the silver screen and not from the history books. Warhol's Cowboys and Indians series blurred the lines between reality and fiction, fact and legend.

The image of Teddy Roosevelt that Warhol have the Pop Art treatment, is one that although many Americans may instantly recognize, they would be at a lost remembering the photographer who first made the image so iconic.

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