Several lots come from the John Kobal Foundation, Kobal is credited with re-discovering many of the great Hollywood studio photographers through his scholarship as a film- historian. Parts of his vast collection are on sale and highlights include portraits of Fred Astaire, Robert Taylor and Vivein Leigh.

A Hollywood sale would not be complete without Marilyn Monroe, the iconic actress who became the sex symbol of the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Highlights include the first ever centerfold for the first issue of Playboy (estimated at USD 2,000-3,000) and photographs for a Vogue cover shot (USD 16,000-25,000) by Bert Stern from what is alleged to be the last before her tragic death of an overdose in 1962.

The sale is a gem for the film-buff, many of the photographs have quirky back stories that give an inside look into the movie industry. A promotional image from Myra Breckenridge, described as ‘one of the worst films ever made’ is on sale featuring the sultry Raquel Welch captured by Terry O’Neill (USD 8,000-11,000). The film went on to become a cult favorite, mostly due to Welch’s sex-appeal. Photographer Terry O’Neill has one of the most impressive portfolios of celebrity portraiture, the auction presents unseen images of Brigitte Bardot, Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. O’Neill’s iconic portraits of Faye Dunaway , Michael Caine,are also onview, as well as a portrait of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, one of the most emblematic couples of their era. The present lot illustrates their free-spirited style and chic manner (USD 4,200 – 5,900).

Mark Selinger’s, chief photographer at the Rolling Stone for 15 years, powerful, seductive, and elegant portraiture are major sale highlights, contemporary photographs by other 20th century talents include Martin Scholler, David Bailey and Annie Leibovitz.

An anticipated coveted lot is Leibovitz image of Demi Moore, one of the most famous covers for Vanity Fair. It drew a wide range of controversy and debate and yet remains one of the most highly regarded magazine covers of all time and a classic example of Leibovitz style (USD 3,300-5,000). A classic, and mesmerizing, example of Martin Scholler’s Close-ups is Angelina Jolie with Blood (USD 13,000-20,000). These portraits are cropped to the head against a neutral ground and emphasize the subjects’ features and expressions.

The sale reflects the glamor of Hollywood with a glimpse into the personal lives of those depicted.

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