Over 2,000 extraordinary costumes, props and relics spanning the silent era up through Hollywood’s Golden Age will be going under the hammer. Star Wars fans will go wild with excitement as no less than an Industrial Light and Magic lifesize “C-3PO” (est. $60,000.00 - 80,000) and a “Death Star” model from Star Wars: Episode VI, Return of the Jedi (est. $50,000.00 - 250,000.00) will be up for grabs.

Classic-era fans are not left out and can marvel at Charlton Heston’s chariot from Ben-Hur, estimated to sell for $120,000.00 - 150,000.00. Will its lucky acquirer ride it in his (or her!) miniature Roman stadium?

Some of the most famous vehicles in film and TV history will also be going up for auction. There will be cars of course, such as Mr Bean’s British Leyland Mini 1000 from the 1997 film for between $60,000.00 - 80,000.00.

But since we’re in the realm of the imaginary, aren’t spacecrafts more exciting? The “Drop-ship” filming miniature from Aliens is arguably a masterpiece, and it carries an estimate of $50,000.00 - 250,000.00.

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