Majolica is the much sought after and highly collectible type of stoneware first developed by Minton in the mid-19th century. It is characterized by rich enameling and high relief decoration. Fans of majolica will have a field day on Saturday, August 27th, when a sale dedicated mainly to art glass pieces (especially majolica) will come up for bid at Woody Auction, at the Maize Recreation Center in Maize, Kansas (not far from Wichita). Offered will be Nippon, Daum Nancy and Galle pieces, as well as furniture, advertising items, slot machines, firearms and more.

The majolica is mostly from the lifetime collection of Martin Kasischke of Iowa. He, like many others, was attracted to the colorful and timeless look of majolica, be it Victorian (earthenware pottery decorated with brightly colored lead glazes and best known for its naturalistic or whimsical style), tin-glazed (decorated earthenware pottery with an opaque white glaze), or 'maiolica' (a type of tin-glazed pottery, made in Italy). The Woody auction will also feature items from a prominent Wichita estate and four smaller collections – 440 lots in all. Visit



Some of these movie posters date back 100 years, even more

It's hard to believe the movies have been around for over a century, but the more than 1,000 lots at Heritage Auctions' Movie Posters Signature Auction planned for July 30-31 will include posters that date as far back as D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation (1915), which is expected to fetch $25,000. That movie was silent, and many of the titles in the auction will be from other silent films, to include Triple Trouble with Charlie Chaplin (1918, est. $5,000 each); The Little American with Mary Pickford (1917, est. $5,000); and The Penalty starring Lon Chaney (1920, est. $10,000).

As for talkies, expected top lots will include a Style A one-sheet for Son of Frankenstein (1939, est. $50,000, shown); a one-sheet for Dracula's Daughter (1936, est. $25,000); an insert for Casablanca (1942, est. $30,000); a one-sheet Style B for Morocco (1930, est. $15,000); a one sheet for The 39 Steps (1935, est. $12,000); a one-sheet for Out of the Past (1947, est. $1,000); original poster art for Cannonball Run II (1984, est. $4,000); and posters for Disney wartime cartoon shorts Private Pluto (est. $1,200) and The Old Army Game (est. $1,000). Visit



Items from the life and career of Jane Fonda to be auctioned

Property from the collection of film star Jane Fonda will come up for bid on Friday, Sept. 23, at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, California. Ms. Fonda is the daughter of Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour. Her film career includes such movies as Barefoot in the Park, The China Syndrome, Coming Home, Nine to Five and Klute (for which she won the Academy Award). She is also a multiple Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner. She's currently starring in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, about two divorcees who deal with senior single living.

Fonda's collection will include an Andy Warhol 1982 pop lithograph of the star as international icon Barbarella (shown, est. $25,000-$30,000); her '80s-era red and black striped leotard featured on the cover of her Jane Fonda Workout book and album (est. $1,000-$2,000); her Yves Saint Laurent Oscar acceptance speech suit for Klute (est. $6,000-$8,000); her 1991 wedding dress and engagement ring to third husband Ted Turner (each est. $2,000-$4,000); a signed script for On Golden Pond (est. $800-$1,200); and her 1955 high school yearbook (est. $400-$600).



Outstanding wildlife works by Rungius, Wendt up for bid

On August 2nd, Bonhams will conduct a California and Western Paintings & Sculpture Auction in Los Angeles, and two works are expected to garner a great deal of bidder interest. One is a painting titled Lupine Patch (1921), by William Wendt, the prominent plein air painter of California landscapes. It is believed to be Wendt's only known work that depicts wild lupine, and is a beautiful example of his mastery of the technique of capturing the saturated greens of California hills. In 2015, his oil painting titled The Old Coast Road (1916) sold for more than $1.5 million, also at Bonhams.

Lupine Patch carries a more modest pre-sale estimate of $120,000-$180,000, although the final winning bid could easily sail past the high figure. The other work is by Clemens Moritz Rungius, the German-born celebrated wildlife artist. His painting titled Bear in a Stream Taking Notice (shown, est. $150,000-$200,000) highlights Rungius's traditional techniques and Impressionist influences, while providing insight into a big game animal in its natural habitat. Rungius immigrated to the US in 1894 after a moose hunting trip to Maine with his uncle. For more, visit



Superman vs. Honus Wagner. Sorry, Superman – you lose!

Quick, what's worth more: a copy of Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman), graded well at 5.5 by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), or a 1909 T206 white border Honus Wagner PSA EX 5 (MC) baseball card, also known as the “Jumbo Wagner”? The hands-down winner is the Wagner card (shown). I bring this up now because both of these rarities will be offered soon at auction. The comic book will be part of Heritage Auctions' Comic & Comic Art Auction, planned for Aug. 4-6 in Dallas, Texas, where it is expected to fetch as much as $750,000.

The “Jumbo Wagner” card (shown) will be the premier lot at a Great American Trading Card Auction slated for September by Goldin Auctions (, based in Runnemede, New Jersey. In April 2013, the highest price ever paid for a baseball card was established when the “Jumbo Wagner” sold for $2.1 million, also at Goldin Auctions. The most valuable item of sports memorabilia ever sold? That would be a 1920 Babe Ruth game-worn jersey, which sold for a mind-boggling $4.4 million in 1912. These prices just keep going higher.