Further afield, the sale features an exquisite series of Chinese Dragon Robes, jewelry and textiles from the Qing Dynasty, brought back to Belgium in the early 1900's by a Belgian Railway Engineer on the railway line linking China to French Indochina as well as Japanese robes and souvenirs brought back by a Belgian Ambassador in the 1950's. 

To delight worshippers of fashion, Hermes and Delvaux bags and Yves Saint Laurent 1970's belts will be going under the gavel.

Finally, 20th century pieces include a fantastic collection of more than 20 works by Miguel Berrocal, mostly with their numbered and autographed instructions book. Prominent amongst those is the Paloma (Picasso) Box –Retrato de Paloma. The graphic arts section includes an early 20th century painting after Morgan Russell (certificate by Artexperts, NY) and works by Félicien Rops, Roger Duterme and Jacques Calonne (CoBra).

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