In 1938, Schiaparelli's 'Circus Collection,' included designs which featured artwork by Dalí. During this time period, Alberto Giacometti created a series of bronze jewelry inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli. The collection features delicate brooches, pendants and buttons, all a conversation between two legends of 20th century art.

Having designed an incredible collection of jewelry herself, Schiaparelli's innovative creations inspired sculptor Giacometti to turn his hands to jewelry.

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Giacometti's collection had a mythological element to it, often featuring feminine or animal characters. The feminine faces in the pieces is reminiscent of the faces that adorned lamps that were designed by Giacometti for Jean-Michel Franck. To create the pieces of jewelry, Giacometti used the cast bronze technique ''à l’écu.'' This technique derives from the tradition of melting coins provided by the people of a a village, to offer a dowry to a girl without family or personal fortune.

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Today, works from this collection will feature in Shine A Lot's sale on December 14-17. According to Mary-Lisa Palmer, head of the Giacometti Association, they were created by Giacometti to commemorate the wedding of three of his close relations between 1932 and 1933. The two bas-reliefs in the collection are inspired by Pisanello's 15th century medallions portraits. Giacometti features the same use of the profile, hairstyles and headdresses as the Italian Renaissance master.

Pieces in the collection are expected to fetch between in the online auction £8 500-21 200 (€8 000-20 000.)

"Giacometti: rare set of eight works" auction will be held online auction from December 14 to 17. Check out the auction here.