Large designs were replaced by intricate garland motifs, ribbons, laurel wreaths, bows and lace, all of which had an ethereal quality. Jewelrs who designed pieces in the La Belle Époque were influenced by the soft lines and natural designs of both the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movements.

French art and design served as an inspiration for jewelrs over in Britain. The Court of Versailles influenced commissions by those who wanted a taste of aristocracy. It is believed that Louis-François Cartier and his designers were too inspired by France, as they traced the streets of Paris, drawing upon 17th and 18th century architecture for inspiration.

One particular fashion that made it from France to Britain was the decorated choker. In around 1865, the style of neckwear was a sign of the most fashionable in France. It later reached England in around 1880, and became a favorite of the Princess of Wales.

The undisputed King (or should we say Queen) of Edwardian jewelry was the tiara. Ethereal and as delicate as lace, these pieces of headwear were worn by the elite of society. Designs often featured garlands and were made often made in platinum and finished with diamonds or pearls. This example, which will be featured in Fellows' Antique and Modern Jewelry on August 10, encompasses all the wonderful style features of Edwardian tiaras.

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