We take a look at a plethora of wonderful artworks going under the gavel in July and the causes they will be sold in aid of.

Two works have been donated by European street artist Flycat. Born Luca Massironi in Milan, artist Flycat's work and writings focus on the autonomy of letters. In his written work Manifesto del Futurismo Celeste he explores how graffiti gives back to each individual letter its own characteristics and expressions.

Since the 1990s, Flycat has been a pillar for urban art in Italy. In 1998 he held the first Spray Art course at the C. Beccaria Juvenile Penal Institution in Milan; in 2006 he was the artistic director of the show “Dal Muro alla Tela” held by the Italian Cultural and Environmental Foundation; and in 2008 he collaborated with the Youth Ministry to create a discussion table about urban art. Flycat's work in the art world crosses social and political borders, in 2016 he was the first European artist invited by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold a workshop during the eighth edition of the FADJR.

The first of his works up for auction at Charity Stars is In the Sign of the Lion, 2016. This work was created based on the reading of the cosmic coordinates of the Leo constellation and its galaxies. The letters reproduce the phrase of Kiplin, the founder, who explains the meaning of the black color for the mesh as being an instrument "to invoke fear in our opponents." The astrological signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius make up the Trinity of Fire, an icon of force and regality.

This work will support Fondazione Milan, a charity that is part of the broader AC Milan Social Responsibility and Sustainability program. Since it was founded, the charity has helped people in need of education, housing and care. Since 2013, the charity decided to focus on projects using sports and its values to help disadvantaged young people to build a better future.

Inferno, 2016, a dyptch, features element letters. The letter ''F"' dominates the canvas, representing Flycat, and also ''Fire and Fear.''Across the top reads "We Are a Team of Devils." The sale of this artwork will also benefit Fondazione Milan.

Austrian avant-garde artist Hermann Nitsch's 'splatter' paintings are inspired by what it means to be a human. The artist is best known for his performance pieces, staging almost 100 between 1962 to 1998.

The artist's exploration of taboo subjects such as religion and violence, nudity and gore have landed Nitsch in trouble with authorities. During the mid to late 20th century, he crossed over to the realms of gross public indecency.

This untitled mixed media piece from 2006 is an example of Nitsch's tamer, 'splatter' works. The sale of this piece will benefit Strawberry Fields, a charity which provides education for families in need in Ethiopia. Founded by Maria Vittoria Marchiorello, Francesca Piccini and Diva Maddalena Polegato.

Polish fine art photographer Gabriela Herma is represented by based London's Le Dame Art Gallery.

Herma's pictures are printed onto metal or resin and later worked on by hand with mixed materials such as Swarovski crystals, sparkle dust glitter and bits of broken glass. Her photographs freeze moments of emotion, which are brought to life by layering resin and reflective elements.

The piece up for auction, Violet is the artist's depiction of passion. Passion is represented as fragile, albeit beautiful, flower, that, without the right nourishment, can wither very easily.

This work will support The Circle, aims to transform the challenges and injustices faced by the most disempowered women and girls in the world.

Bidding for these pieces will end between July 6 to 13, 2017. Check out more here.