In 1837, trained saddler Thierry Hermès (1801 Krefeld - 1878 Neuilly) opened his Paris shop, selling high quality horse gear and bridle. Hermès' luxurious designs came with a luxurious price tag - with his clientele made up of only France's most rich and glamorous. Hermès' impeccable craftsmanship was honored with an award at the Paris World Exposition in 1867.

blog.php-1004 Hermès - Birkin 25, Niloticus leather in 'Himalaya'
Estimate: $87 675-114 045

blog.php-1005 Hermès - Birkin 35, crocodile leather in graphite
Estimate: $81 240-105 750

In 1878 the company was taken over by Thierry Hermès' son. Under Charles-Émile Hermès (1835-1919), suitcases and leather bags were added to the production line in the 1890s. The shop was also moved to the elegant Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré no. 24, where the company's headquarters remain today.

blog.php-1006 Hermès - Birkin 30, brown crocodile
Estimate: $43 175-56 125

blog.php-1007 Hermès, Birkin 35, red-brown crocodile
Estimate: $60 345-78 455

From the 1920s, Hermès also produced high-quality handbags, of which two models have brought to absolute cult status, with whose prestige no other handbag can compare. In 1935 the Petit Sac Haut à Courroies was the design house's most coveted bag. In 1950s it adorned the arm of Grace Kelly, Princess Gracia of Monaco, and she was photographed throughout the decade with the bag. The bag was renamed the Kelly Bag and remains one of Hermès most exclusive designs.

blog.php-1015 Hermès - Kelly Clutch in Atoll Blue
Estimate: $8 720-11 335

blog.php-1008 Hermès - Birkin 30, blue ostrich leather
Estimate: $26 055-37 750

Mention Hermès and the iconic Birkin Bag immediately comes to mind.  In 1986, Jean-Louis Dumas, a member of the Hermès family, reimagined a leather weekend bag which was both practical and elegant, and thus the Birkin Bag was born.

blog.php-1009 Hermès - Constance, fuchsia-colored alligator leather
Estimate: $27 330-35 570

blog.php-1010 Hermès - Birkin 25 in orange leather
Estimate: $13 080-17 000

Various TV shows ensured that the Birkin Bag became the absolute must-have handbag. Television shows including Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls reaffirmed the bag's cult status by dedicating storylines to the Birkin.

blog.php-1011 Hermès - Kelly bag, violet leather
Estimate: $10 635-15 420

blog.php-1012 Hermès - Constance, orange EPSOM leather
Estimate: $13 610-17 700

"Carrés", square silk scarves with the most incredible horse-inspired designs are equally is coveted as their handbag equals. And just as Tiffany have their little blue boxes and Cartier have their red leather and gold cases, Hermès orange packaging is instantly recognizable.

blog.php-1013 Hermès - Birkin 35, red goat leather
Estimate: $14 000-18 315

blog.php-1014 Hermès, Victoria II, brown calfskin
Estimate: $2 400-3190

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