Ren Hang Ren Hang

"When we were teenagers we wanted to be the sky"

- Cat Power

We're finally back after a  long summer break. Sadly we haven't had much time to rest (sleeping seems a thing of the past...) as most of our waken time - when not at work - has been occupied by a group exhibition we've been working on since early this year. The show, Yesterday we wanted to be the sky, lends its title from the wonderful song Colors and the kids by the equally wonderful Cat Power.

Yesterday we wanted to be the sky is a thematic group exhibition about the transient and passing nature of life as we know it. It's been such a pleasure to work with all the thirteen (!) participating artists, many of whom are longstanding favourites. Having worked like crazy, we're super pleased that it's finally taking place and opening soon. It opens Friday September 4 at Kamarade in Stockholm <insert dancing emoticons>. If you happen to be in Stockholm around then (it runs through Sep 27), you're most welcome to stop by for a chat and view of the show.

Maja Kölqvist (<3), art director extraordinaire and one of three talented gallery directors, recently provided us with some lovely exhibition material we'd love to share with you here.

Kamarade_C-Print_8 Slava Mogutin

Kamarade_C-Print_4 Yasmine Laraqui

Kamarade_C-Print_6 Ren Hang

Kamarade_C-Print_3 Mads Teglers

All participating artists:

Ren Hang
Slava Mogutin
Brian Hubble
Mads Teglers
Martin Gustavsson
Jennifer Abessira
Casia Bromberg
Berber Theunissen
Yasmine Laraqui
Jwan Yosef
Sophie Mörner
Theodor Johansson
Trinidad Carrillo

Yesterday We Wanted To Be The Sky opens Friday Sep 4 and runs through Sep 27.

Opening hours: Saturday - Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm and by appointment.