Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 16.05.51 Image: Women's History Congressional Commission

Both New York and Washington are home to museums dedicated to women in the arts, however, the capital's National Mall does not feature an institute which honors American women's history.

The Women's History Congressional Commission conducted a study into whether a museum of this type was viable for the Mall, back in December of 2014.Wendy S. Pangburn led the study which surveyed a variety of women as well as historians, those in the museum sector and other women's organizations.

Jane Abraham, chairman of the commission, to the Creators Project stated: ''Women are over 50% of America, yet the exhibits and statues attributing success to women are minuscule, throughout the country. People don’t know the stories of women who actually discovered things or were the first to design innovations.''

On November 16, the Women's History Congressional Commission brought their report to Congress, with the findings that a national museum for women's history was indeed an important addition to the National Mall.

In order to add this proposed museum to the Smithsonian's roster, Congress would have to pass additional legislation to approvr a building site and federal funding for the project. To put this into perspective in terms of time, The African American Museum took 100 years from idea to realisation, according to Judge Robert Leon Wilkins.