The Asian Contemporary Art Fair is a multi-cultural international city with an iconic significance in Singapore. ART STAGE SINGAPORE will host the 7th Art Fair in Singapore. More than 120 art galleries from 27 countries will gather at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore. From January 12 to 15 will be held for a period of 4 days of art fairs. This art fair aims to attract international audiences interested in contemporary Asian and Southeast Asian art and culture.

The exhibition focuses on the impact that the ever-growing global economy has on the development of culture, faith, social relations and daily life of Southeast Asian countries. Artists such as Jim Allen Abel, Kent Chan, Jenny Holzer, Ivan Lam, Territories / M4 / RMIT, François Roche, Eldwin Pradipta, Noberto Roldan, Jose Tence Ruiz, Svay Sareth, Yudi Sulistyo and Tintin Wulia will all be exhibited at the fair with worls that examine these themes.

blog.php-1220 Ivan Lam, COMA 38/500, Vending machine Image: Art Stage Singapore

Ivan Lam's Vending Art (Vending Art) asks the audience to assess commercialisation and art consumption. Lam rethinks the definition of art and the artist, the value of an artwork and of the artist.

blog.php-1221 6_Jose Tence Ruiz, CSI Chimoy si Imbisibol Hardin Image: Art Stage Singapore

A series of works by Philippine artist Jose Tence Ruiz entitled CSI: Chimoy Si Imbisibol depicts a group of people wearing forensic masks. The subjects in Chimoy's pieces are not forensic scientists but instead domestic workers such as housekeepers and cleaners.

blog.php-1222 1_Jose Tence Ruiz, CSI Chimoy si Imbisibol Hardin Image: Art Stage Singapore

The Filipino subjects are depicted doing such household tasks as laundry, car washing, sweeping and cleaning toilets. The white clinical dress worn by the masked-figures divides them from the environment in which they work in, emphasising that the role of the Filipino domestic worker has played a role in the spread of capitalism around the world, as the invisible driving force behind the world labor economy.

blog.php-1223 3_Jose Tence Ruiz, CSI Chimoy si Imbisibol Hardin Image: Art Stage Singapore

Svay Sareth, I, Svay Sareth, Eat rubber sandals, 2015 Image: Art Stage Singapore Svay Sareth, I, Svay Sareth, Eat rubber sandals, 2015
Image: Art Stage Singapore

Stake and Skewer 2015, Bamboo, rubber sandalsImage: Art Stage Singapore Stake and Skewer
2015, Bamboo, rubber sandals
Image: Art Stage Singapore

blog.php-1225 2_Emily Phyo, Being 236 — Being Than Than (Shwedagon Pagoda maintenance staff), 2015
Image: Art Stage Singapore

Myanmar is considered one the world's most rapidly growing economies by many economists. Two years ago, artists in Burma were hardly allowed to communicate with the outside world, let alone travel. Nowadays, the use of mobile phones and social media has skyrocketed. Myanmar's capital, Yangon, is making rapid progress and residents are experiencing changes in the capita. Burmese artist Emily Phyo's works showcase the daily lives of the Burmese people.

Anon Pairot, Weapons for the Citizen, 2016Image: Art Stage Singapore Anon Pairot, Weapons for the Citizen, 2016
Image: Art Stage Singapore

Weapons for the Citizen, 2016 by Anon Pairot questions the importance of Thailand's military spending in the state budget, which replaces the costs of social security, such as education and healthcare. The toy guns also represent the souvenir manufacturing industry, highlighting the decline of traditional crafts in Thailand.

In addition to the fair, Art Stage Singapore will launch the Southeast Asia Forum, one of the world's top arts forums, with an emphasis on the balance of art, commerce and content. The forum will consist of an exhibition and a series of lectures which provide an in-depth perspective on the direct impact of global issues on Southeast Asia. The theme of this forum is capitalism, titled "Net Present Value: Art, Capital, Futures". This forum will explore the complex relationship between money, ideals, the art market and artistic value.

A wide range of galleries from around the glove will be exhibiting at the fair. Galerie Paris-Beijing will showcase cutting-edge artists such as Yang Yongliang, Fu Site and Zhu Xinyu and Korean artist Seonghi-Bahk. Three quarters of the galleries exhibiting are new to the fair, with up to 80% of  galleries come from the Asia-Pacific region and one-third of the art galleries from Southeast Asia.

Art Stage Singapore will take place from January 12-15, 2017. See here for more information.