Jeff Koons is a big deal, with high price tags and an inaugural retrospective in Whitney's new location coming up.

Art Basel has less satellite fairs than it's second off-shoot Art Basel Miami (Art Basel Hong Kong is it's third) but the fair itself is far bigger, closer to 100 000 people are estimated to visit the town this week to see art with a complete value of over $ Netjets, the successful privet-jet rental company owned by Warren Buffet, has received over one hundred bookings to and from Basel during the fair. It is harder to get a hotel room this week in Basel than it is to get your hands on a triptych by Francis Bacon (although highly coveted they are readily available but at a very high cost!). In addition to the 285 exhibitors many guests are important art collectors and billionaires from  New York, Qatar, Hong Kong and Moscow that fly in to attend the exclusive preview that takes place Tuesday through Wednesday.

The fair proceeds New York's record-auction season where the auction houses sold for 2,2 billion dollars last month alone! Those of us who followed the auctions and their media coverage marveled over the dozens of records that were made in only a few days. This unlikely shopping spree is anticipated to continue in Basel, certain galleries have already sold most of their work before the opening of the fair!


I will be on site Tuesday and Wednesday - stay tuned for news directly from the source!

/Carl Larsson

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