Maison Bibelot's jewelry sale will be held in Florence on December 1. The unchallenged star of the show is this platinum ring with a Royal Blue. The natural stone comes from an old mine in the Indian Kashmir region at the foot of the Himalayas. It is an incredible 10 carats, the exquisite color and above all the purity of the stone makes it a very special piece.

The five fishes in this wonderfully designed piece are studded with gemstones in a variety of colors, all held together with a diamond-studded clasp.

This adorable piece features a lattice grid design as well as the most elegant cat collar made up of diamonds. As if that was not enough, the fabulous feline has eyes of emeralds and a ruby for a tongue!

The sale at Maison Bibelot will take place on December 1. Check out the full catalog here.