Sotheby’s upcoming auction "Old Master Paintings" is just around the corner where Sotheby’s has teamed up with the fashion designer and former pop icon Victoria Beckham.

Photo: Chris Floyd. Photo: Chris Floyd.

Beckham and Sotheby’s calls the collaboration “Victoria Beckham: Modern Muse Among the Masters”. The upcoming auction preview is held at Beckham’s store, located at Dover Street in London, compiling great historic art with the contemporary setting of a modern boutique. The exhibition opened on June 22th and will carry on until June 27th.

Beckham is no newbie to art – she has a great interest in the contemporary art scene and has been collecting for years.
The selection has been made by Beckham herself and consists of 16 portraits from the sale “Old Master Paintings”, stretching from the Renaissance to 18th century British art. Visitors will be able to see pieces by Sir Peter Paul Rubens and Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Photo: Chris Floyd. Photo: Chris Floyd.

When asked about the collaboration, Beckham states: “It was my first visit to the Frick in New York last year, that really opened my eyes to Old Masters, and is where my fascination began. To have now been given the opportunity to start to learn about them with the incredible team at Sotheby’s and have these portraits hanging within my retail space is literally a dream come true. I hope their installation in such a contemporary setting is as inspiring to my customers as it is to me.”

The exhibition is on display in Dover Street until 27th June, before Sotheby’s sale “Old Master” starts on the evening 4th July 2018.