Finn Juhl's unique coffee table and chair "FJ44" in Cuban mahogany up for auction at Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen. Both designed by Finn Juh for Niels Vodder.

Bruun Rasmussen's expert appraiser Peter Kjelgaard explained to us how Juhl's sculptural coffee table from 1945 is one of the most remarkable designs by the Danish architect. The palette-shaped table with a characteristic blue disc was first displayed in the "New Magazine for Art Industry" at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition which took place at the Design Museum in Denmark in 1945. At that time, the innovative design was considered daring thanks to the bold color choice, which was highly provocative for a Danish audience. As much as the piece had a ''shock value'' for the Danes, it simultaneously marked a sense of optimism and a new era of creativity following the devastation of World War II.


The unique coffee table made by the world-famous cabinetmaker's Niels Vodder is proof of Finn Juhl's masterful ability to combine sculptural shapes with functionality, exquisite design and elegance.


The table, which is a real rarity for international collectors and museums, will be shown to the public for the first time in seventy years, having been in the same family collection since the original owner acquired it. Bruun Rasmussen's expert have estimated the piece will sell for around $32 000-64 000 (approx. 200 000-400 000 Danish kroner.)

A second piece that will excite collector's the world over is Finn Juhl's FJ44 chair. Not only is the piece considered a triumph of the Danish furniture industry in the mid-20th century, is is also one of Juhl's wife's personal favorite pieces. The sculptural chair was manufactured in 1944 for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition.


Finn Juhl's "FJ 44" 1 of 12 editions in Cuban mahogany with a leather seat. Estimated at $48 000-80 000 (300 000-500 000 Danish Kroner.)

The iconic chair model was originally made in a series of just twelve by Niels Vodder. Today, one example can be seen in the Ordrupgaard Museum, the family-home-turned-museum of the Kratvngets.

Both the coffee table and the chair are part of Bruun Rasmussen's Design auction slated for September 27. A preview will be held in Bredgade, Copenhagen, until September 18, and then at Drouot in Paris from September 21-22. Check out more here.