Recently, we reported Catawiki’s record-breaking result from “fictional space”, and they have since proven that the real expanses of the universe have exciting items to behold, and to auction as well!

This October, Catawiki’s exclusive meteorite auction marked the sale of the largest meteoric fragment ever found on earth.


The large extraterrestrial stone weighs in at 26.5 kg and is a fragment of the Muonionalusta meteorite, which was found in northern Sweden in 1906. Four years later, Professor A. G. Högbom named the stone Muonio, after a river located near its landing site. Upon closer examination of the fragment, Professor Nils Göran David Malmqvist came to the conclusion that this iron meteorite hit the earth’s surface over a billion years ago, making it over 4.5 billion years old as well as the oldest meteorite to be found on earth.


Both the stone’s extraordinary age and unique size contributed to the estimate of €15,795-€20,545. Unlike lesser micrometeorites, that invade the earth’s surface almost daily, a meteorite of this caliber is said to touch down only three or four times a year. As such, the value of these stones can often exceed 40 times the price of gold.


The discovery of this meteorite has also attracted researchers and collectors to the site which is located in what was formerly a deserted region of Sweden.

Since the days of Roman antiquity, there have been stories and reports of meteoric impacts on earth. These far-travelled stones have filled the histories of many ancient cultures as objects to be revered, including a dagger blade of iron meteorite origin from the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The black Hadjar al-Aswad stone, currently kept in the Kaaba in Mecca, is also said to be from a meteorite.

The fragment of the Muonionalusta meteorite auctioned at Catawiki received 25 bids between the 13th-22nd October, with a winning bid placed shortly before the auction closed for a total of €15,999.

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