Designer lifestyle


Left: Gregotti, Meneghetti, Stoppino - Pair from the "Piemonte" series, wood, plywood, textile, c. 1959
Estimate: $950-1270
Center: Bench, enamelled and chromed metal, 1970s
Estimate: $635-950
Right: Gianfranco Frattini - Two armchairs model 836, steel, plywood, textile, brass, c. 1955
Estimate: $4 235-6 352

The "Piemonte" series (left) was created in the style of Neoliberty, an Italian design movement from the 1950s which was based on the organic and rational architecture of the period.

Today, compact living means smart furniture, such as this ingenious fold up seat (center) which can be easily stowed away after guests leave.

Mellow yellow


Left: Erberto Carboni - Sofa "Delfino", lacquered metal, textile, c. 1954
Estimate: $2 645-3 705
Center: Luigi Scremin (attr.) - Lacquered solid wood fireplace with inlays, 1940s
Estimate: $1 600-2 330
Right: Willy Rizzo - Sideboard, walnut burl, brass, plastic, ca. 1970
Estimate: $1 600-2 645

Yellow and orange retro pieces are making a serious comeback in interior design. A well-balanced yellow or orange element gives each room a warm touch. This fireplace (center) attributed to Luigi Scremin is finished in a lacquered wood and has a fine inlay work on the front depicting two knights in battle.

Design surprises


Left: Carlo Enrico Rava - teak and crystal glass side table, Milan 1950
Estimate: $635-950
Center: Gianfranco Frattini - Four tables, walnut wood, circa 1966
Estimate: $530-950
Right: Lucio Fontana - Plate for side table, glass with airbrush and drop decoration, 1952-53
Estimate: $63 525-84 700

Carlo Enrico Rava's occasional table (left) echoes the structure of traditional Chinese pagodas. The piece in the center is another clever piece of design, opening out to four separate tables.

Let there be light


Left: Tommaso Barbi - Table lamp, brass, circa. 1970
Estimate: $320-420
Center: Gaetono Pesce - Model "Chador", polyurethane resin, circa. 1997
Estimated price: $1 270-1 700
Right: Eileen Gray - Table lamp, enamelled metal, brass, France circa. 1930
Estimate: $320-520

The market for lighting is one of the fastest growing. An early example of important design lighting is this table lamp (right) designed by Irish designer Eileen Gray, who was one of the most important of the early 20th century. Gray's adjustable side table E.1027 is today one of the most copied designs of classical modernism.

All pieces featured will be part of Design specialist auction house Della Rocca's sale on April 13. Check out the full catalog here.