blog.php-413 Poul Kjaerholm featuring in Bukowskis Nordic & Modern auction

In the last fifteen years, there has been an increasing trend in Scandinavian design at several large international auction houses.

Even the Swedish auction houses Design departments have been a cash cow and a go-to Design source for the global market.

Just last week, Stockholms Auktionsverk sold Finn Juhl's  "Egyptian Chair" £54 500 (640 000 SEK.) Now, this week, Nordic design is on display at Bukowski's Berzelii Park, Stockholm, showroom, in their first ever Design auction ever of this kind on May 3.

Instead of the usual works of art, Marta Maas-Fjetterström's carpet creations adorn the walls of Bukowski's. For me, and I'm sure plenty of other Swedes, it is like seeing Maas-Fjetterström's works with new eyes.

blog.php-414 Marianne Richter, "Gula trädet" (AB Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Marianne Richter). 1945

blog.php-415 Arguably Sweden's most celebrated designer Josef Frank. In my opinion, the mirror is one of the main attractions of the sale.

blog.php-416 Red leather upholstered chair by Uno Åhrén is in an exceptionally good condition. The mirror and the console table are by anonymous designers from the 1930's.

The U.S.'s very own Wright is also renowned worldwide for their distinguished Design sales.

blog.php-417 The sale features champions of Swedish ceramics such as Stig Lindberg and Gustav's studio.

blog.php-418 Stoneware by Wilhelm Kage.

blog.php-419 Tyra Lundgren's 1960's abstract relief series features birds made from stoneware.


In addition to the strong ceramics offerings, are beautiful art glass pieces. Including creations by Edward Hald for Orrefors, 1918.

blog.php-421 Nowadays, Axel Einar Hjorth is mostly associated with pine furniture, but he is also behind several of Sweden's foremost Art Deco furniture designs produced during the 1920-30's . Pictured is the "Lido" sofa for Nordiska Kompaniet, 1932.

As the market has shown a particular interest in Scandinavian design, one of the first auction houses to host Design-dedicated sales was Phillips.

French auction house Piasa works closely with several of the world's foremost interior designers to bring exquisite Design sales to the market. This year, in late June, they have an exciting auction focusing on Brazilian design from the 1930's to present day.

blog.php-320 Phillips sold this chair by Nendo, made of paper and called the "Cabbage Chair" in 2008.