blog.php-247 Around the pillar table from the 19th century there are newly made Thonet chairs and a Thonet style sofa

In 2000, Sigbrit and Mats moved into the first floor apartment, once the home of publicist Lars Johan Hierta. The house is believed to be drawn by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, father of Nicodemus the Younger, the architect behind Stockholm Castle. In the 1990s, the apartment was refurbished to as near to the original as possible, with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom, which feature modern amenities.

blog.php-248 A thonet barn chair and rocking chair from Thonet. Table from Design House Stockholm. The lamp comes from the Old Town shop and the three-legged "Myran" is designed by Arne Jacobsen.


Paintings from the 18th century are testament to the wealth of early owners. The painter Johan Pasch is believed to be behind the paintings.

With her first paycheck, Sigbrit purchased a classic thonet chair and over the years, her thonet collection has grown.

blog.php-251 In the lounge, there sofa is a "Sockerbiten" by Titti Fabiani, accompanied by the "Trippo" coffee table by Ulla Christiansson for K Andersson & Sönder, and we see a new production of Hoffman's plush armchairs from 1908

blog.php-252 Art Nouveau couch and table top with baroque ornaments in front of IKEA's Billy shelf

The first floor floor, known as the piano nobile, is stunning, boasting high  ceilings and lavish décor. Each rooms of the house, as with this one, features murals and tiled stoves.


"We initially decided to tone down the high bourgeois and mix new and old just as we always enjoyed doing," says Sigbrit.

blog.php-254 A "Dutchman" from the first half of the 18th century stands in the living room with hand-painted tiles. Jonas Bolin's lamp "Liv" is reflected in the mirror image behind the seating area


Living in the Old Town, Mats and Sigbrit describe as like living in the countryside in the middle of the city. "There is a nice little town feeling here. The population is very mixed, both in terms of age and background." If you go to the library, the librarian asks, "How is August?" Says Sigbrit. August is the couple's cat.

blog.php-256 In the work room there is a sofa from Move Furniture and chairs from IKEA that has been painted. The carpet comes from Inside Interior and the work desk is from IKEA



Chairs and chaise longue in the Nyrokoko style, a newly created Bruka cabinet under the window and a blue cabinet passed down through the family, sit together in the kitchen along with a IKEA lamp and a chair from Afroart.

blog.php-258 19th century candelabra in the Empire style


Several of the ceramic creations made from broken porcelain and adorned with small figures in the form of animals or dolls are Sigbrits own works.




From the bedroom we see the study and the lounge, or the living room, as Sigbrit and Mats prefer to call it From the bedroom we see the study and the lounge, or the living room, as Sigbrit and Mats prefer to call it

In the bedroom there is a door that leads to a walk-in closet and bathroom. On the bedside table is a lamp from IKEA.


The apartment is a blissful mix of new and old, exclusive designs, flea market finds and IKEA furniture. "We only go after feeling, buy what we like to look at," says Sigbrit.


In the hall hangs a pompous chandelier, from the couple's former residence. Outside, there is a cozy courtyard which housed Aftonbladet's print shop after Lars Johan Hierta bought the entire property in 1836.



From 18th century paintings to Thonet, IKEA and the little figures that look over the rooms, we can see a snapshot of what might have happened in this apartment over the past 350 years.



Photography: Kent Billeqvist

Stylist: Sigbrit Kvarning