image_50013 Cesar Saldivar, The young warrior

Last year, in his most recent project, Saldivar joined Art For Children, producing a catalogue of works with the charity's ethos of improving the lives of children at risk of social exclusion.

In January 2017, the photographer travelled to Ethiopia. Encouraged by his time with the children there, he was inspired to take the project to his home of Mexico. This included a series of talks and exhibitions focusing on the images of childhood in Ethiopia he captured during his trip.

Cesar Saldivar Cesar Saldivar

Cesar's work is also integral in bringing the stars of Mexican cinema to a wider audience. In 2008, he announced the release of his exhibition entitled ''Back and Forward.'' This body of work, which had its inaugural exhibition at the Spain Cultural Center in Mexico City, featured sixty portraits of Spanish and Mexican actors. Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem.

Penélope Cruz photographed by Cesar Saldivar Penélope Cruz photographed by Cesar Saldivar

Antonio Banderas photographed by Cesar Saldivar Antonio Banderas photographed by Cesar Saldivar

As well as stars of Mexican and Spanish cinema, Saldivar's oeuvre includes photographing Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and John Hurt.

Cesar Saldivar, Transitions, Juarez IIDuran Cesar Saldivar, Transitions, Juarez II

Saldivar also explores the definitions of masculinity and femininity, in his photographic books Reflejos Masculinos/ Masculine Reflections and Feminine Mirrors. One of his most daring books takes a look at stripped back masculinity. In Juegos De Luces (playing With Light) : Cien Pollas en Blanco y Negro (100 Cocks in Black and White) Caesar Saldivar pays homage to the beauty of the male sex. His dreamlike, highly artistic portraits, which play with light and shadow, focus on the beauty of the male body in a series of erotic photographs.

Works by Cesar Saldivar will be coming up for auction at Duran on January 25. Check out more here.