blog.php-1107 Giordano Vigano - table "Marg"

blog.php-1108 Wanda Fiscina -Large terracotta vase

Almost 200 artists are represented by Artemest. Each piece is accompanied by an insight into the career of the artist as well as the artistic intention behind their creation.

blog.php-1105 Bonottoedition - Large console "Shylock"

blog.php-1106 Misis "Asolo Schiava" bracelet in silver, gold, mother of pearl and zirconium

blog.php-1109 Framondi - Cabinet "Stereograf" in wood with inlaid

Artemest's artisan works include:

1. Home Décor: furniture, lamps, mirrors, glassware tableware, textiles and decorative arts.

2. Lifestyle: From suitcases to umbrellas, bicycles to handbags, the perfect category for the person who has everything.

3. Jewelry: Always different and always beautiful. More than 30 jewelry designers are featured on Artemest.

blog.php-1110 Mariantonia - Rug "Mediterraneo"

blog.php-1111 Pier Luigi Frighetto by Black Tie - Bar "Mai Tai"

blog.php-1112 Fratelli Lisi - champagne bottle holder in the form of a penguin, sterling silver

blog.php-1113 Carla Milesi di Gresy - "Ricciolina"

blog.php-1114 Paolo Londero - sculpture of a cabbage head

blog.php-1115 Fabiano Amadi - Murano glass vase "Mosaico"

blog.php-1116 Giuseooe Rivadossi - Cabinet "Madia Aurina" made of wood and metal

Artemest offers artists an excellent presentation space for buyers from around the globe to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Check out Artemest on Barnebys here.