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Auction: September 20-21

Preview: September 16-19, Genoa

Silver, ivory, icons & Russian work of art

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Auction: November 14

Preview: November 10-13, Genoa

European Ceramics

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Auction: November 15

Preview: November 10-13, Genoa

Furniture, Sculptures & Works of art

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Auction: November 15

Preview: November 10-13, Genoa

Modern and Contemporary Art

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Auction: November 24th

Preview: November 22 -24, Milan


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Auction: November 29

Preview: November 25

Old Masters and 19th century paintings

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Auction: November 30

Preview: November 10-13, Genoa

Asian Art

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Auction: December 14

Preview: December 10-13, Genoa


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Auction: December 14th-15th

Preview:December 10-13, Genoa

Italian Style

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Auction: December 16

Preview: December 10-13, Genoa

See here for more information.