One of the clocks is a rare two-sided model, whilst the other is a triple fusee piece. The two-sided clock, which is set up for two time zones, has a Chinese theme on one side and a Western theme on the other, with both sides displaying 6-inch porcelain dials. The gilt bronze clock has an animated, two-tier revolving carousel of figures at the top, rotating clockwise. The upper tier has a border of red and clear rhinestones, a palm tree umbrella that opens to expose the upper figures, plus glass rods resembling a fountain.

The triple fusee clock, housed in a carved teak wood bracket case, is in beautiful condition, with the original finish. It has a series of rods that rotate, emulating falling rain, while a row of ducks swim right to left in the front. All the while, a pair of carved wood Chinese acrobat figures on a platform appear from behind one door and disappear behind another door, as they dance and flip.

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