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Earlier today, a blue-green vessel for cleaning brushes, which was lent to the collection of the Chang Foundation at the Hongxi Museum in Taipei, broke all records for Chinese ceramics after a 20 minute bidding battle ended with a winning bid of $37.7 million for the 900-year-old piece.


The ceramic sold at Sotheby's is a brilliant example of Ru Guanyao (1086-1106) and shows the perfection that was achieved by artisans during the late Northern Song Dynasty, which stretched from 960-1127. The small ceramic pot, a highly unusual pieces, was part of The Le Cong Tang Collection. An anonymous buyer claimed victory in the bidding battle.

blog.php-63 The record-breaking vessel is no bigger than 13 centimeters in diameter

This broke the record set in April 2014, when the Meiyintang Chenghua 'Chicken Cup' sold for $29.5 million (281 million HKD.) Read more here about the sale that made every headline in 2014.