6 to Know: Les Lalanne

Husband and wife Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne shared their lives and careers for five decades, leaving behind a unique body of work. Here are 6 facts you may not know about this duo of genius sculptors.

Recycled Weapons Become a Sculpture for Peace

Exclusive limited editions of the iconic ‘Non-Violence’ knotted gun are now available as a collector’s object on the Non-Violence Art Project website. Next month, the Non-Violence Project is also presenting a version of the work signed by the Dalai Lama at Sotheby’s.

The Palace of a Postman's Imagination

It took Joseph Ferdinand Cheval 33 years to build his palace, and eight more to build his own tomb. The two monuments, designed with stones he found as a postman, are now considered masterpieces of naive architecture

The Sound of Sonambients at Rago Auctions

Harry Bertoia is perhaps best known for his metal mesh wire chairs designed for Knoll in the 1950s. His design success would also be what enabled the jack of all trades to later shift from furniture designer to full-time sculpting. Combining his artistic talents with his interests in sound and music, Bertoia soon became known for his tonal sculptures, the “Sonambients”.

Wildlife and French Antiques at Austin Auction Gallery

You expect an auction that revolves around pieces from the estate of former San Diego Zoo director James Dolan Jr. to feature plenty of marvellous Jonas Studios wildlife sculptures, as well as numerous drawings and paintings of all sorts of animals. But on April 21, 2018, Austin Auction Gallery of Austin, Texas, will be mixing it up a bit when it offers an ark’s worth of not only animal-related pieces, but fine examples of French antiques, too.