Vintage cars
One of the car collection’s absolute highlights is this Citroën Commercial C3 Clover. The model was first made in 1926 and has a mileage of 24,327 km. Citroën produced its first car in 1919 and has revolutionized the way we move from point A to point B ever since. In less than 10 years, Citroën became the biggest car manufacturer in the world after Ford.

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The C3 Clover got its name from the placement of the driver and passenger seats. With two seats in the front and one in the back, the arrangement is reminiscent of the shape of a clover leaf. The C3 Clover, with its red body and beige roof, has belonged to the same owner for 18 years, and is in a very good condition.

Are you looking for a rolling bit of nostalgia? Catawiki have just the thing for you - this lovely minibus Volkswagen Samba T1. The VW minibus dates back to 1967, so if this car doesn’t take you back to the Summer of Love, nothing will! The buyer will also receive the minibus’ manufacturing certificate from December ‘66 along with the purchase.


Volkswagen, Samba T1, 1967. Bild: Catawiki Volkswagen, Samba T1, 1967. Bild: Catawiki

A highlight in Catawiki’s motorcycle collection is undoubtedly this Harley-Davidson Road King, that has been kept in excellent condition. The brand was founded in Wisconsin in 1903, making this year the company’s 115th birthday. Surviving the great depression of the 1930s, owner changes and numerous economic crises, Harley-Davidson is still one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world.

If you want more exercise in your life we think you should browse Catawiki’s collection of bikes - we especially like this well preserved English Rudge bicycle. First made in 1910, the Rudge bicycle is 108 years old and still has its original saddle. In other words, an oldie but a goldie.

Cykel Rudge, 1910. Bild: Catawiki Cykel Rudge, 1910. Bild: Catawiki

Get the right parts to match your treasured car! This lovely pair of stopwatcher signed ClassiKlau, for example, are perfect for an owner who wants unique details for his’ or her’s car.


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