Its impossible not to love Austin Healeys. Those cars are beautiful, powerful, smiling, elegant, long-lasting, classical, contemporary, eye-catching, energizing… Catawiki is featuring an exceptional model that will go on sale on Tuesday. Exceptional… and red!

Founded by racing pilote Donald Healey and the famous Austin brand (property of the British Motor Corporation at that time), Austin Healey had a 20-year history of fantastic cars. The one on offer by Catawiki is a 100-6 (one of the three “Big Healeys” models) from 1956 equipped with a Le Mans kit (spoke wheels, convertible roof, air filter box, aluminium cylinder head, etc.).

It has been carefully restored by a vigilant collector in 2002 and later on in 2013. Complete history of all interventions on the car has been recorded and is part of the sale. The cherry on the cake, an autograph of Gerry Coker, creator of the first (100 and 100-6) models.

If you’re on a holliday trip in France, the car can be viewed in the region of Limoges. Estimations vary between €110,000 (£100,000) and €130,000 (£115,000). The curent bid is of €67,000. A bargain!

Register here to get bidding on this this truly exceptional car on Catawiki.