Conner, 1933-2008, emerged from California's art scene as one of the most important American interdisciplinary artists of the postwar period. His work encompasses both the concerns of the 20th century, that himself and his contemporaries dared to venture in to, such as consumerism and nuclear apocalypse.

The exhibition features CHILD, 1959 and LOOKING GLASS, 1964, both examples of how Conner was an early practitioner of found-object assemblage.

[youtube id="3N-BtV66hvI"]

Conner was also a pioneer of film, developing a talent for avant-garde filmmakingby  using footages from new reports and other sources to create dark films. A MOVIE, 1958 and CROSSROADS, 1976, have become important works of American experimental cinema.

Over 50 years on from the creation of some of his most challenging and disturbing works, with today's political climate and social change, Conner's work is more relevant than ever.

BRUCE CONNER: IT'S ALL TRUE will be at the MoMA until 2 October 2016. For more information, see here.