Vintage Pyrex

DSC_0958 A collection of vintage Pyrex bakeware and mixing bowls. Prize realized: $275

By 1919, over 4 million pieces of Pyrex were sold across the United States. Today, you can still buy modern Pyrex pieces at your local Target, but true collectors are interested in the vintage Pyrex pieces from the 20th century. Why is Pyrex so popular on the secondary market? Because the pieces are nostalgic, stylish and durable. Pyrex is a place of pride on the shelves of new generations of cooks because it reminds them of the pieces that they used to stir cookie batter in as kids or the dish that their parents made the tuna casserole in for family dinner. Not to mention, Pyrex can be used day in and day out without a decline in quality which is why most of these pieces have lasted for several decades. Whether you’re collecting them for decoration or using them in the kitchen, Pyrex pieces remain a kitchen staple in the 21st century.

Record Players

RYK_5121 Empire 598 III Troubador Record Player. Prize realized: $506

With today's technology and music streaming apps, many people believe that vinyl is a thing of the past. However, in 2014, record sales grew by more than 50%, hitting the highest sale volume since 1996. Some speculate that sound quality brought back the record player, but the revival of mid-century modern design surely had something to do with it. Not only does that fuzzy sound of the stylus spinning on the record bring back great memories, but today's young collectors are decorating their home with both mod-cons and pieces from 20th century culture.

The Telephone

AMR_8590 Antique 1906 Automatic Electric Co Strowger Wall Phone. Price realized: $641

Since Apple took over the world with the IPhone, wired phones have become so 19th-century - sorry Alexander Graham Bell. But as some of our high-tech modern phones decrease in value, the earliest versions of the telephone are increasing in resale price. The older the telephone the more valuable it becomes because antique phones are now considered collectibles. An Antique Strowger wall phone with a wooden case, transmitter and center dial sold for nearly $700 on ―  the same price as a brand new smartphone.

Vintage Sewing Machines

1513717637376-0f4969427ab855eab95c8e712c30ce4fffa323c2d7e2613ab1683dfcef4e451a Antique Singer Manual Sewing Machine and Case. Price realized: $325

Whether you inherited your grandma's old sewing machine or picked one up from a thrift store, you may be curious of its value — and rightfully sew! Sewing machines and sewing desks were once a popular household item, and pre-1917 machines are now considered antiques. Although not as common in households today, these sewing machines are durable and usable art. These age-old appliances are less mechanically complex, sew straighter lines, break down infrequently and are easier to repair. Instead of donating your antique sewing machine, you can sell it and fetch a few hundred dollars.

Cocktail Shaker

MAL_3160 Art Deco Airplane Motif Cocktail Shaker with Stand. Price realized: $220

Cocktail shakers made during the early to mid 1900s were crafted from sterling silver and can be worth hundreds of dollars depending on their authenticity. When prohibition ended in 1933, Art Deco designs were very popular in homes across the US — think the Norman Bel Geddes famous chrome plate Manhattan Serving Set. Today, these sets are some of the most sought-after collections from the era. In 1941 most manufactured metal was used for war efforts and no one could afford to pay thousands to make their home look like an Art Deco studio. Sterling silver cocktail shakers are one of the surviving relics from this era and incorporate an art deco touch into any modern home. Test your cocktail shaker by putting a magnet on it. If it doesn’t stick, then the shaker is likely sterling silver and worth something.

Old Advertisements

057-2 1950s Porcelain Coca-Cola Sign. Price realized: $375

Before throwing out old copies of The New Yorker, newspapers or poster-sized advertisements, do a bit of research to find out if they're valuable. Vintage ads are considered an undiscovered treasure because they encompass the history of advertising. Before television and digital production, magazines were one of the main forms of advertising and companies made sure their advertisements were works of art. Now, there are plenty of vintage advertisement collectors across the world that would buy the old prints and signs to add to their collections. In particular, Coca Cola ads are very valuable, like this vintage 1925 advertisement, that sold on for $287.

Costume Jewelry

IMG_9878 Assortment of Costume Jewelry. Price realized: $1 557

Fake diamonds are a girl's best friend. Costume jewelry made up almost all jewelry advertisements from the 1920s to 1930s. This trend expanded jewelry boxes from expensive and limited pieces to expansive and fashionable collections. Nothing says throwback like your grandma's old clip-on earrings or gaudy necklaces. Depending on what you have, costume jewelry can be money hiding in plain sight. Some of these pieces are probably making a comeback in the grandkids’ costume box — but before you get rid of it make sure you aren’t disposing of something worth thousands. Check out this assortment of costume jewelry that sold for $1,557 on

Vintage Books

CCCINN_284_7769 First American Edition of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". Price realized: $6 600

A lot of old books aren't worth much money, but before you toss them from your dusty wooden bookshelf be sure to check the edition. It might not be obvious at first, but if you find a good first edition it could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. First, consider the book's rarity. If there are only a few hundred copies of the book floating around, then it is worth more than one with several thousand copies. Also consider the popularity of the book. Is the author famous or influential? Did the book share an important discovery? Did it become famous years after it was published? If any of your books meet some of these requirements you'll be fighting off collectors that could make you rich. Rare book sets are selling on bidding sites for thousands of dollars, but even getting 50 bucks for an old book is better than throwing it away.

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