Some like it clinical! A set of three x-rays of Marilyn Monroe from a 1954 hospital visit previously owned by a young doctor which later passed to his daughter, sold for $45,000.

Marilyn Monroe was after all an icon for her voluptuous appearance and sex appeal, no wonder x-rays of her chest would go for so much!

Photo: Google Images Photo: Google Images

You’re not a true Beatles fan if you don’t bid £19,000 for a molar belonging to this rock legend. Beatles band member John Lennon supposedly gave one of his molars to his former housekeeper, Dot Jarlett as a gift in the 1960’s.

It was kept in the family and sold at auction for £19,000 in 2011. Despite his untimely and tragic death, his legacy lives on through his music, and his molar…

Winston Churchill’s dentures sold at auction for £15,200. Photo: Winston Churchill’s dentures sold at auction for £15,200. Photo:

The dentures of Winston Churchill were sold at auction for an astonishing £15,200. Churchill had his dentures designed specifically to preserve his lisp that made his voice so distinctive and recognizable.

The dentures not only preserved his iconic voice but also played a roll in Churchill’s renowned speeches during the war. The item serves as a historical piece of British war history.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s hair sold at auction for £2,064. Photo: Catawiki Napoleon Bonaparte’s hair sold at auction for £2,064. Photo: Catawiki

To top the list, one of Catawiki’s most notable sales and probably the most bizarre, a single hair strand belonging to the head of one of the most influential men in history. It is no surprise that an icon like Napoleon Bonaparte, former Emperor of France and legendary leader, would centuries later be able to sell a strand of his hair for £2,064.

This strand of hair was supposedly cut off by a doctor in 1817 when he was still alive and handed to his guard, English Captain O’Meara to return the hair to his family.

The tress of hair was sold on the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated and thereafter exiled to the island of St Helena.

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