This stool "Mezzadro" by the design genius from Milano Achille Castiglioni emerged as early as 1957.


A delightful decorative ring in the shape of an octopus for a suntanned hand at a summer wedding.


Umberto Mastroianni's mixed media painting "Senza titolo"


Italians are often loyal to their own design, but English designer Normer Foster's table "Nomos" drove the stylish Italians wild when it reached the Italian market. The table has been a best seller for many years, and now it can be yours!


Gazing at this 19th century English gouache painting is a cheaper way to be transported to the Italian coast, "Paesaggio con figure con marina sullo sfondo" ("Landscape and Figures with marine background")


This 19th century walnut table from England is a classic, perfect for any room in the house.



These heavy silver pitchers were made in an antique style during the 1900's in Italy. Perfect for either wine or water, they make a great addition to any Sunday dinner.


This grandiose mahogany bookcase from 19th century England will do your literary classics justice, with glass doors and several drawers this piece also includes a hidden desk that folds out.


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