The record-breaking object was a rare bell from the late 1800s, made in enamel and ivory, representing the magical mountain Penglai where the little figures on the clock represent the Eight Immortals, their attendants as well as the Three Star Deities. The starting price of €300 000 did not hold back over a thousand auction participants from 35 countries that had a keen interest. After intense bidding, with the majority of bidding coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York the bell was finally sold for over €3 370 000, which set a new record for online sales  as well as a record for Auctionata's history of online auctions.

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The buyer was investor and businessman Liu Yiqian, who, along with his wife, owns one of the most important collections in China. This purchase is not his only auction acquisitions that has created a media buzz. In April last year, he purchased the "Chicken cup" at Sotheby's, which set a new world record for Chinese arts.

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