Sotheby's "Photographs" sale May 23, London feautures a number of prints by one of Japan's most adored artists of all time, the renowned Nobuyoshi Araki. His works have layers of feelings and desires.

Carnal desires and pleasures have been labelled as sins and shameful, throughout history in religious advocates and writings.

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blog.php-3 "Yakuza" by Nobuyoshi Araki, silver print,1994. The man in the picture is tattooed in the style of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Estimate $12 000-18 000 at Sotheby's.

What some think of as desire, others may well regard as threatening. There are few things as provocative yet so tantalising as the naked human form and sex. Over 3 000 photographs works can be found on Barnebys today,a number of which handle the theme of sexuality. Search all photographs on auction now.

blog.php-5 Fashion photographer Miles Aldridge works are some of the most desired contemporary photographs. On sale at Sotheby's, "HOME WORKS # 3", 2008. Estimate $11 000-15 000.

blog (1) Leif-Erik Nygård's photograph of Monroe, is one the very last nude pictures of her before her passing. As Bert Stern's assistant, Nygård was commissioned to photograph Marilyn.
This image is from the set of iconic pictures of a drunken Marilyn Monroe (From "The Last Sitting"). Estimated at $4000 at Swann Galleries in New York.

blog Robert Mapplethorpe is the man behind (or perhaps that should be in front of) "Roger in Fishnets," 1983. The print was developed before the photographer's death in 1989. Estimated at $8 000 at Heritage Auctions.

blog (2) American Robert Mapplethorpe photographs depict a sculpted human body in the ancient idealised form and they reach high figures in the saleroom. This is "Speight (Portfolio Z)," 1981,edition 25/25 and is estimated at $4 500 at French house Tajan.

blog (5) On sale at Millon "Liliana Dominguez pour la campagne Sisley," 2001. This work was part of an advert campaign for fashion giant Sisley. The images were met with controversy. Terry Richardson's photo is estimated at $1 500-2 000.

blog (12) This is just one of Helmut Newton's iconic images; "Fashion Calvin Klein", American Vogue, St Tropez, 1975. Estimate of is $15 000-23 000 and on sale at Sotheby's.

blog (6) David LaChapelle is renowned for being one of the most colorful photographers of modern time. His images draw reference to the Bible and other historical events, often with a tongue-in-cheek critique of social criticism. "Deluge", edition 6/10, 2007 is estimated at $40 000-$55 000 at Sotheby's.

blog (7) Perhaps one of the greatest photographers the world has ever seen, Henri Cartier-Bresson's honest and stunning photographs have truly earned their place in photography history. Henri Cartier-Bresson captured this silver print, "CALLE CUAUHTEMOCTZIN, Mexico City,"1934.
Sotheby's London is $7 000-10 000.

blog (11) Not in the mood for a photograph? One of the world's most important booksellers for art and photography is the British dealer Peter Harrington who can now be searched on Barnebys. "The Other Side" includes works by Nan Goldin.

Please note that some of the images have been cropped or enlarged which may affect the image quality.