The collection showcases how Utzon had an eye for great contemporary artists that were active during his lifetime. Utzon's collection comes from his home in Hellebæk.

One of the most special pieces in the collection is Le Corbusier 1960 tapestry entitled Les dés sont jetés (The dice are cast.) Le Corbusier created the piece whilst he was collaborating with Utzon on the interior of the Sydney Opera House.

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In a wonderful tale, Utzon and his wife wrote a letter on October 4, 1960, to Le Corbusier, thanking him for the tapestry. It in part, read:
"For quite some time we have intended to write to you again in order to tell you how extremely happy we are for your wonderful tapestry. It is a daily source of delight and beauty not only for ourselves and our children but for all our friends and guests, too.''

Utzon at the construction of the Sydney Opera House Image via The Guardian Utzon at the construction of the Sydney Opera House
Image via The Guardian

Following a change in Australia's government in 1965, Utzon's plans for the interior of the opera house were halted. The authorities wanted to complete the interior quickly and cheaply. Utzon left the project in 1966 and the house was completed in 1973 without Utzon's interior architecture not Le Corbusier's decoration.

In 2003, Utzon was the first Dane to with the Nobel Prize for architecture. He was praised for his work on the Sydney Opera House, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2007.

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Utzon's collection reflects his admiration for French art as it includes pieces by Georges Braque, Fernand Léger and Henri Laurens. There are also a number of Picasso works in the sale including a ceramic pitcher entitled Pichet gothique aux oiseaux, 1953.

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