Madrid's Monte de Piedad was founded in 1702 as a means to help citizens to gain cash in exchanged for pawning their valuables. Pawnshops, as we know, somewhat archaic means of money transfer, are still used around the globe today.

blog.php-1046 Chaumet, Platinum ring with sapphire and diamonds
Starting price: $26 420

blog.php-1048 Boucheron, Paris, Platinum bracelet decorated
Starting price: $21 135

blog.php-1047 Platinum Tiara with cultured pearls and diamonds, 1900
Starting price: $5 285

95% of jewels appraised by Monte de Piedad are bought back by their owners, whilst the remaining  jewelry goes to auction. 100% of the profits raised by jewelry sales at Monte de Piedad, fund the social and cultural work of the Fundación Montemadrid; a foundation dedicated to social integration, the environment and culture.

Vacheron Constantin, gold chronograph watchStarting price: $10 565 Vacheron Constantin, gold chronograph watch
Starting price: $10 565

Until Wednesday November 30, wonderful jewels up for sale at Monte de Piedad will be on display at Sala del Monte de Piedad located in the Plaza de las Descalzas s/n, in Madrid.

Moving with modern times, the online session of sale will take place from November 28 at 4pm CET, until December 5 12pm CET. The on-site auction will be held on December 1 at 5pm CET at the Casa de las Alhajas, Plaza de San Martín 1 in Madrid.

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