The sale is the brain-child of art expert, artist and curator Franck Ancel, who has curated the entire sale at Blancs-Manteaux.

blog.php-549 The MAT team © Nadia Rabhi

The sale is taking place fifty years on since the milestone ''9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering'' a series of performances from October 13–23, 1966, where artists and engineers from Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey collaborated on the first ever Experiments in Art and Technology.

The team behind MAT#1 are passionate about artists who invent the art of tomorrow. Works from artists around the world will be featured, with estimates ranging from € 60 to tens of thousands of euros.

A quarter of the artists featured in this sale are female, proving how again, MAT#1 are pioneering a new age for art.

It was a tough decision, but here at Barnebys we have selected three of our favorite works coming up in the digital sale on June 19.

Richard Garet (1972) Four cardinal points, 2015 Richard Garet (1972)
Four cardinal points, 2015

This work by Richard Garet is a composition of four videos which have been combined vertically. Each explores the reaction geometric patterns have on the eye of the beholder. An absolute must-see.

Piotr Kowalski (1927-2004) Mesures à prendre, 1969 Piotr Kowalski (1927-2004)
Mesures à prendre, 1969

This light installation consists of two Plexiglass pieces. The viewer is invited to interact with the piece. As described by the artist Piotr Kowalski in 1969, the work is "fluorescent tubes following manipulations reveal to operators, by variations in light intensity, the distances between the source of the waves."

blog.php-552 USCO (Gerd Stern) (1928) Contact is the only love, 1963

Finally, the art collective USCO's kinetic sculpture is inspired by road signs. It consists of various digital elements such as neon, fluorescent lighting and incandescent flashing, 8 speakers and amplifiers and a loop recorder.

USCO was a collective of media art founded by Michael Callahan and Gerd Stern in the 1960's and 1970's.

The exhibition will be on view June 18 and June 19.

The live and online auction will be held will be on June 19 from 3pm CET.

Check out the catalog on Barnebys here.