Leslie Sacks (1952-2013) was an art dealer originally from South Africa, who spent most of his life in Los Angeles.

In 1981, Leslie Sacks opened in Johannesburg his first art gallery, The Art. After moving to the States, Sacks opened another gallery, Leslie Sacks Fine Art. In 2007, he purchased the Bobbie Greenfield Gallery and renamed it Leslie Sacks Contemporary.

Leslie Sacks (1952-2013) Leslie Sacks (1952-2013)

Throughout his life and his career, Leslie Sacks' fascinations included tribal art, art postwar and contemporary art, especially the works of Andy Warhol and Robert Motherwell.

Over 40 years, Leslie Sacks built his collection of art, with a particular taste for the art of sub-Saharan Africa.

A passionate collector, the collection going on sale at Native features more than 160 objects from all over Africa, from the Ivory Coast to Tanzania throughto Nigeria, Cameroon and the Congo.

Leslie Sack's collection Leslie Sack's collection

His tribal art collection is renowned the world over, it was even the subject of a book entitled Refined Eye, Passionate Heart - African Art from the Collection Leslie Sacks written by Skira in 2013.

The slideshow gallery above offers an insight into the sale, with five lots not to miss, including a Yoruba sculpture with a woman serving container, a fine example of how tribal art capture the elegance of femininity with such skill and precision.

Check out the full catalog here.