Paintings rule at this sale in Madrid – both in number and in value, with works by artists such as Fernando Álvarez de Sotomayor and Salvador Sanchez-Barbudo. Admire a stunning portrait of Teresa de la Cruz by Julio Romero de Torres, a Cordovan painter with his fair share of fans in Spain. He was active at the dawn of the 20th century, and specialised in female portraits with a realistic and poetic finish. Also, the renowned Pérez Simon collection, shown at the Musée Jacquemart André in Paris in 2010, includes a gorgeous female portrait by the painter. Works by Romero de Torres can fetch up to 6 figures, as was the case during a Sotheby’s sale in London in 2007, when one of his paintings went for £826,900. The portrait of Teresa, up for grabs on 20 March, is estimated at €60,000.

It’s only one small step from women to jewellery, for as we all know, girls like their gems. If it’s jewelry that gets you going, you’ll be spoilt for choice at the sale if you fancy diamonds. Find them on superb 18-carat white-gold studs, on offer for €30,000, or else set beautifully in a necklace beautifully set off by two streams of diamonds, for €25,000. Equally favoured by the elegant amongst us are pearls, also on auction. It’s hard to look past a long necklace featuring 101 Australian pearls (€8,000) or a pair of 18-carat white-gold earrings, a marvellous combination of diamonds and pearls (3,500 €).

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Lot #232 Great sautoir of Australian pearls. Courtesy of Duran Subastas

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