Grammy award-winner Drake has paired up with Sotheby's Contemporary art gallery to curate a music and art exhibition which celebrates the black experience in American culture.

I Like It Like This: S|2 x Drake is on from May 23-25 at the S|2 gallery which has, in the past, worked with Yayio Kusama, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

This exhibition focuses on the dynamic relationship of music and the visual arts in contemporary black culture within America.

It is no secret that music is an integral part of black American culture. The 1920s saw the booming birth of Jazz music. This birth was part of The Harlem Renaissance as Harlem became a cultural center for black writers giving voice to poets such as Langston Hughes, the freedom for artists to express their black experience and for musicians to play out their struggles through their music.

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Image via Sotheby's

Jean-Michel Basquiat continued this expression as he used motifs from the Jazz-era in his works. Now it is en vogue for rap stars to commission artists to create the artwork for their album covers, and artists are to turning to music for inspiration.

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Image via Sotheby's

Jay Z's Picasso Baby perfectly depicts the relationship between art and music. The song has lines such as ''I wanna Rothko'' and references to Art Basel and the Tate Modern.

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Drake's part in the curation of this exhibition was to provide a soundtrack which compliments the works on show. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Terry Adkins, Mark Bradford and many others are to be included.

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