Post World War II, producer Samuel Goldwyn began on the first feature-legnth movie in Hollywood's history. Goldwyn's celebrated career includes his 68th production The Best Years of Our Lives, his greatest commercial success, which was the highest-grossing film of 1946. Goldwyn also won 7 Academy Awards for the movie.

1947_view_Goldwyn_SupRussel_Dir-Wyler Samuel Goldwyn, Best Supporting Actor Harold Russell, and Best Director William Wyler for The Best Years of our Lives
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Following his success, Goldwyn fell into depression, with fears that his career had peaked and he could only fall from now. He began therapy with Hilde Berl, an Austrian graphologist.  She recognised Goldwyn's eye for the aesthetic, and encouraged him to collect art, particularly French Impressionism.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 13.29.31 Matisse, Anemones et Grenades, 1946

Goldwyn befriended future politician-diplomat Averell Harriman, whose wife ran one of New York's top galleries. She consulted his first purchase, Matisse's Anémones et grenades, 1946 for which he paid $13 500. Later he purchased Chagall's The Lovers.

The Goldwyn made a tradition of presenting each other with art as gifts, they built up their collection to include Degas, Braque and Bonnard.

Goldwyn died in 1974 and the vast majority of his $20 million estate was left to charity. His son inherited the house, along with the art and the ownership of Goldwyn's 80 films.

19GOLDWYN-blog427 Picasso, Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil, 1948
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Sam, Jr added to his family collection pieces by David Hockney, Milton Avery, Botero, Kitaj charcoals and Diego Rivera. Sam Jr and his father both shared a great passion for Picasso. Sam hung Femme au chignon dans un fauteuil, 1948, opposite the front door of the Goldwyn house for guests to see as they entered.

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