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lot (3) Harrell - Oysters on the Half Shell

Harrell captures coastal living, evident in this sublime yet effortless work. A native of the Florida panhandle, Harrell's works depict the quintessential beach experience.

lot (2) Kann - Grace

Amy Kann's works with the figurative form in sculpture and relief portraiture. Here is a fine example of the tactile works she has a talent for, as her works evoke both an intrinsic curiosity and an aesthetic quality.

lot (1) Bagley - Shine Down on Me

Bobby Bagley's vivid works reflect the rich culture associated with the deep South. Bagley evokes a human drama within his works which can be described as a collage of America's South.

lot DeDecker - The Hundredth Mess #5/31

Sculptor Jane DeDecker creates the human form in familiar situations with an undertone of examining the small, yet wonderful details of everyday being.

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