Paul Horner's mugshot. Photo via AP Photo/Dennis System, File / AP Man rumored to be Banksy's "mugshot". Photo via AP Photo/Dennis System, File / AP

Rumors circulated online that the artist known as Banksy was arrested by the London Metropolitan Police. The artists identity was said to be that of  a 35 year old man from Liverpool, England by the name of Paul Horner and the charges against him included graffiti, public vandalism, money laundering and criminal conspiracy. It was also said that after the arrest, the police received phone calls from hundreds of people claiming to be Banksy and at 6 pm London time there was a full-on protest outside of the London Police Department.

It is not the first time that false reports of Banksy's identity have spread online, and once again they turn out to be a hoax. That did not stop the new from spreading quickly through social media.


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Story via NationalReport/Gawker