The sale, taking place on May 24th, will offer a wide selection of 805 lots within different categories and price ranges. The auction will take place at the Duran Subastas’ headquarters in Madrid, but you can participate through an online bidding service at their website. And of course you’ll find all the lots at Barneys. Let’s check out some of the highlights!

The art of Eduardo Chillida


If he hadn’t been injured, thus compromising a promising football career forever, perhaps Eduardo Chillida wouldn’t have become the great artist he is today. Born in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, Chillida initially studied architecture but soon left his studies to embark on a career in art.

After moving to Paris, he soon became known for his impressive sculptures. With his use of abstract geometries the sculptures reminds us of Joan Miró - while the use of spatiality brings them closer to the sculptural equilibrium of the American artist Alexander Calder. His works are located in city squares in cities such as Lund, Monaco and Seville, as well as in major international museums.

Since 1959, Chillida have worked with etching and lithography using abstract line and shapes even though he liked to call himself a realist. As mentioned before, his sculptures were influenced by the work of Joan Miro and Alexander Calder, but the symbolism had traits of the Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies. The Durán sale offers two etchings and a woodcut made by the Basque artist.

First editions by Lorca

During his life, Eduardo Chillida also did the illustration of some book covers, and often the value of first editions are increased when illustrated by a well-known artist.

On the left: "Casidas", edition with 10 lithographs. On the right: "Canzone Orientale", limited edition. On the left: "Casidas", edition with 10 lithographs. On the right: "Canzone Orientale", limited edition. Image: Duran Subastas

Which brings us to lot 444 - a first edition of ‘Impresiones y Paisajes,’ the first book by writer Federico Garcia Lorca, in excellent condition. With a cover illustrated by Spanish painter Ismael González de la Serna, it’s no surprise that the book has a minimum estimate of 3000 euros.

This is not the only Lorca lot in the book section. The auction house also offers a rare limited edition of ‘Casidas’ with ten litographs from 1969 as well as an edition of ‘Oriental Song’ from 1973 printed on japanese paper.

Photography by César Saldivar

One highlight in the photography section of the Duran Subastas sale is the work of César Saldivar. Born in Mexico in 1965, Saldivar is known for his portraits of movie stars such as Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. He also has a great interest in nudes and eroticism as demonstrated in the photograph ‘Ciudad Juarez I’ with the starting estimate at 4750 euros..

On the left: "Warrior profile polyptych". On the right: "Warrior of the Mountain". On the left: "Warrior profile polyptych". On the right: "Warrior of the Mountain". Image: Duran Subastas

Other works by César Saldivar available during the auction at Duran Subastas is Polyptych profile of a warrior and Warrior of the Mountain, both shot in Ethiopia in 2017 during one of the photographer’s more recent projects.

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