David Webb, jeweler to the stars, at Rago Auctions on Sunday, June 11th

David Webb, jeweler to the stars Lot #2224 in Rago Auctions’ June 11th jewelry auction is this gorgeous David Webb enameled yellow gold, diamond and ruby frog bracelet. (photo courtesy Rago Auctions)

There will be many dazzling pieces up for bid at Rago Auctions’ “not-to-be-missed sale for lovers of fine jewelry from antique to modern” on Sunday, June 11th, online and at the firm’s gallery in Lambertville, N.J., at 11 am Eastern time. But few are as unusual and enchanting as the enameled frog bracelet shown here, designed by David Webb, with an estimate of $18,000-$24,000. The sale is the fourth in a four-auction weekend for Rago, June 9th-11th, featuring fine jewelry and design from the early 19th century through today.

David Webb (1925-1975) was born in Asheville, N.C., and was a self-taught designer who rose to the top of his class, opening a fine jewelry store bearing his name in New York City in 1948, with a zebra as his company logo. He later opened a second flagship boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; both are still in business today. David Webb’s customers have included Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Barbra Streisand and the Duke of Windsor. He’s best known for his dragon bracelets and Maltese cross brooches.

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Gentlemen, start your engines, and race to Julien’s Formula One auction, June 9th

Gentlemen, start your engines Formula One helmets, like this one in the auction, signed by driver Michael Schumacher, can survive 800-degree flames for 45 seconds. (photo courtesy Julien’s Auctions)

Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, California is world renowned as the auction house to the stars, but on Friday, June 9th, the firm will make a sharp turn into the world of auto racing with a Formula One Legends auction, at The Mall Galleries in London, England. Offered will be over 230 items that played an important role in some of the most memorable Formula One racing moments in history. Formula One is the fastest (and most dangerous) of motor sports, with roots in the European Grand Prix Motor Racing of the 1920s and ‘30s.

Items up for bid will include the unexpected and interesting, like race-worn firesuits, race-used exhaust banks, valves, wheels and more. Durability will not be an issue; components were built to be indestructible. Formula One helmets are designed to withstand 800-degree flames for at least 45 seconds. It takes about 80,000 components to make a single F1 racing car. The average cost is $6.8 million per vehicle. The F1 season is a series of races known as Grand Prixs, held worldwide on F1 purpose-built circuits and public roads.

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Cabinet card for Black Bart, the stage coach robber, at Morphy’s, June 9-10

Cabinet card of Black Bart Black Bart was a notorious stage coach robber, but he also left behind clever poetic messages after his robberies, adding to his legend. (photo courtesy Morphy Auctions)

Morphy Auctions’ June 9-10 Firearm Sales Event, online and in the firm’s Denver, Pa., showroom, will feature plenty of guns (including James B. Hume’s Henry lever action rifle, with a stout estimate of $100,000-$150,000) and knives (led by a clip point Bowie knife expected to hammer for $60,000-$10,000), but two lots that grabbed our attention weren’t weapons at all but images of famous 19th century figures. One is a miniature portrait of Rezin Bowie (1793-1841), the brother of Jim Bowie and inventor of the Bowie knife.

The other one is a cabinet card of the legendary stage coach robber Charles Earl Boles, better known as Black Bart, who was born in 1829, died sometime after 1888 (he disappeared after his release that year from San Quentin Prison), and for about 10 years was one of the most notorious outlaws to operate in and around northern California and southern Oregon during the 1870s and 1880s. But he was also known for the poetic messages he would leave behind after his robberies. The cabinet card should sell for $30,000-$40,000.

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Fine porcelain, precious cinnabar, calligraphy scrolls all at Michaan’s Asian auction June 18th

Fine porcelain, precious cinnabar This pair of carved wood Japanese guardian figures, 25 inches tall, will be sold as a single lot with a pre-sale estimate of $20,000-$30,000. (photo courtesy Michaan’s Auctions)

Perhaps the most arresting lot in Michaan’s Auctions’ Fine Asian Works of Art Auction planned for Sunday, June 18th, is the pair of carved wood Japanese guardian figures shown here. Time may have muted their original vivid colors but not their commanding authority. Wearing fearsome armor and the fiercest of facial expressions, each tramples a beast underfoot, thereby demonstrating its heroic power over natural elements and evil spirits. The 25-inch-tall pair are being offered as a single lot, with an estimate of $20,000-$30,000.

The auction will be held online and at Michaan’s gallery in Alameda, California, with a start time of 10 am Pacific time. Offered will be rare jade, fine porcelain, precious cinnabar and calligraphy scrolls of excellent provenance. Bidders will be especially excited by the Chinese Imperial court necklaces that were worn by royals and high officials to display their status and good taste; and embroidered textiles, which form a major genre of decorative art in China and have long been highly valued by collectors of fine Asian objects.

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