A brutalist, cast aluminum coffee table by Donald Drumm is set to feature. Drumm celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this year at his foundry in Akron, Ohio. He was the first recipient of the American Institute of Architects "Artist and Craftsman Excellence" award. Last month a much a collaboration with Scott Thomas furniture was announced which will, excitingly, give 21st century collectors access to Drumm's unique vision.

136 Lot 136 – Donald Drumm (b. 1935) - Coffee Table, created 1978

A Newcomb College Art Pottery Vase, decorated by Sadie Irvine in 1914 is another key pieces in the sale. Irvine dedicated her life to teaching and designing pottery at Newcom  College, where she graduated from in 1906, and became known as the "cornerstone" of the program. Her famous designs are unique in their representation of local plants, the vase at Gray'sbears the popular motif of tall pines.

248 Lot 248 – A Newcomb College Art Pottery Matte Glaze Vase, Decorated by Sadie Irvine c. 1914

London-born Hazel Janicki became a prominent Cleveland artist after her move there in 1929. She enrolled at the Cleveland School of Art in 1937.

Lot 150 - Hazel Janicki Schock (1918-1976) - The Drapery Box Lot 150 - Hazel Janicki Schock (1918-1976) - The Drapery Box

Her piece The Drapery Box is exemplary of her dreamlike studies of objects, surreal imagery, and abstraction. Janicki was president of the Women's Art Club, professor at Kent State and the recipient of multiple grants from institutions such as the National Institute of Arts, as well as an award winning exhibitor. Her mural in the USO lounge in Cleveland's Old Federal Building received honorable mention in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 1944 Artists for Victory exhibition. Today, her works are held in several permanent collections including that of the Smithsonian Archives.

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Live preview for the auction will take place from October 22 - 27 at Gray's auction showrooms in Cleveland.

The auction will be held on October 28.