With twenty years of experience from the art and auction industry at behind him, Pontus has a wealth of knowledge from the art sector. Silfverstolpe's experience includes being part of the Bukowskis team, Scandinavia's leading auction house and Amells, Scandinavia's leading Fine Art dealer.

As a frequent contributor for both Swedish television and publications as well as the co-founder of Barnebys, Silfverstolpe will bring his expertise to the discussion on online branding.

Moderated by Ivan Macquisten (ImacQ) Silfverstolpe is joined by artnet's Bill Fine , Peter Howarth of Show Media, Guy Schooling from auction house Sworders and Lisson's Ossian Ward, to discuss online branding, no matter how limited your resources are.

As the art market ventures further into the realms of online, the conference will examine building, maintaining and growing brand identity online.

As well as the importance of online branding, this year's Art Business Conference will explore some of the hottest topics in the art market such as the Dubai and Middle East art market.

The conference will be held on September 1, 2016, at Church House Conference Centre in London. See here for more ticket information.