C.K. Swett has pulled in over 20 million dollars from 200 auctions during the past four years. His charity auctions have raised money for orphanages in Malawi, veterans, cancer research and public schools. He also set the world auction record for boxing memorabilia with a pair of Muhammed Ali's boxing gloves.

Swett has a distinct and charming personality, which is amplified when he steps behind the podium. Speaking at a mile a minute, he takes bids and banters with the audience without missing a beat. Swett's attire is as colorful as his personality, as soon as he steps into a room his bold and vibrant nature is revealed.

However, Swett reveals to Barnebys that he couldn't rely on his personality alone, it took a great deal of hard work for him to get to where he is today. Starting as a temp at Christie's, he worked his way up to his current position as a licensed art auctioneer at Phillips.