In their upcoming auction, on June 17th Aspire Art Auctions presents 140 modern and contemporary artworks of both South African and international artists. The auction house has since the beginning been committed to the growth and development of both the domestic and the African art markets.

The upcoming auction begins with artworks by Walter Battiss. Battis is considered by many as the country’s first abstract painter and has been inspired by both Africa and European painting. The artwork ‘Three Figures’ was made in 1980 and depict three figures against a red background.

One of the most exciting pieces of the auction is the artwork by Gerald Sekoto. Sekoto, one of the black South African art scene pioneers held their first solo exhibition in 1939. One year later the Johannesburg Art Gallery bought one of his artworks, which made Sekoto the first black artist to be represented in the gallery’s collection. Sekoto’s vivid artistry where he captured the South African daily life which has influenced future South African art for decades.

The artist Noria Mabasa is most famed for her sculptural work in wood and clay. She is inspired by dreams, a woman’s experiences, and daily life. Mabasa is one of the few female South African who work sculpturally and the only one to use wood as a primary material. On June 17th, her artwork ‘Mother and Child’ will be up for auction, a sculpture where themes such as motherhood and family relations are explored.

Lucky Sibiya, is represented by her artwork “The Drums”, from the Umabatha series. Like Mabasa, Sibiya works primarily in wood, where the artist adds strong pigments to carved wood panels to create depths and has developed a unique form and design for decades.

Sibiya is a former student of Cecil Skotnes, who, in addition to working on his own work until his death in 2009, worked actively for creative South Africa as an art teacher. Skotnes is represented on June 17th with eight works of art, including Three Kings: David, Samuel and Saul, The Legend of the Judean War and Conversation.

Aspire Arts Auction will be launched on the 17th June and will be found as usual via Barnebys!