Asia Art Fair, Fair Overview Asia Art Fair, overview

From Gandhara busts to Chinese snuff bottles to contemporary jewelry adorned with Hamsas, the Asia Art Fair truly does span the continent. Although such a wide range of influences could potentially seem disjointed, the variety attracts a similarly diverse collector base. Chinese art collectors rub elbows with Upper East Side 'ethnic jewelry' aficionados, not least being served by the Bohemian National Hall's young Eastern European staff.

Asia Art Fair, overview Asia Art Fair, overview

From a strategic standpoint, the ever-booming Asian art market has paved the way for the new art fair. The Arts of Pacific Asia showcase that previously ran in the city for nearly two decades was cancelled due to a reported lack of space in 2013, and its new New York-based replacement has met with great results: within the first hour of the VIP preview, for example, gallerist Nicholas Pitcher said that almost all his anchoring pieces had been sold off the floor.

Gao Yuan at Asia Art Fair Gao Yuan at Asia Art Fair

For the fall showcase, the Asia Art Fair highlights an inaugural contemporary Chinese art exhibition curated by specialist Dr. Zhijian Qian, a faculty member at the New School and an expert on Chinese diaspora (among other accolades). Qian's curation features nine working Chinese artists, and their interpretations of culture and gender. A notable artist, Gao Yuan, experiments with provocative and gender-fluid nudes, a far cry from the historic modesty of Chinese women depicted in art. Another intriguing interpretation can be found in Xin Song's paper cuts, infused with both Chinese and English newspaper text.

Xin Song, detail Xin Song, detail

New York is a unique vantage point for Asian art. Unlike Asian boom towns such as Singapore and Hong Kong, New York arguably benefits from being in the West, open to more aggressive dialogue on diaspora and cultural connection. Ultimately, the Asia Art Fair promises to be an enduring aspect of the continuously momentous streak in Chinese art, as well as the undeniably growing Asian art market overall.

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